Distance Healing Request


I am what is called  a Natural Healing Channel, that is having a Natural, innate ability, to channel Healing energy.

This I have been aware of from a small child.

Registered with 'The Healing Trust' (formally the NFSH) as a full Healer Member, I am Insured and able to give a Healing session to the general pubic.

I am an experienced Healing Channel and have been trained by an organisation what was formally called the NFSH.

(National Federation of Spiritual Healers) ... This organisation is now called 'The Healing Trust' and is Internationally renouned as a world leading organisation in this area of Complementary Therapy.


The type of Healing I can provide is called Spiritual Healing (this is different to Faith Healing).

It is called this to reflect the 'source ' of the Healing energy and is no way faith based nor aligned to any religion.


I am pleased to also offer 'Distance Healing' for yourself or loved ones.

Please e-mail me with details of your Healing request and title the mail ...  Distance Healing Request .. Thank you.

Name, age, condition / illness, general location,

together with a photograph of the person to receive Healing.

If myself and my team of Angels can help you, then we will.

Don't forget .. it was probably your angels that guided you to this place in the first instance.

After one or several sessions of Distance Healing If you feel that you have been helped on some level of your 'Being', then all I ask is that you may consider a donation that is within your means, which would be gratefully received.

May The Creator God of Light be with you, surround you with Divine Love and lift your Spirit into Peace, good health and Love.