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Poetry and Spiritual Writings

Hawk Spirit

If Love were the breath of gentle breeze, flowing around listening Tree’s

and if all below, were as above, then they too would feel this Love.

A Seed of Life upon the Ground, can only see, others like me.

But as we grow in the Breath of Love and reach towards Heaven above,

no longer do I stand alone, with new sight do I see,

a world around me so different from my dreams.

Golden Leaves sail upon unseen Love, as  Spirit Wind carries them high above,

becoming One upon the Sky, flutter motionless, as clouds pass them by.

Carried by the breath of Love, they are now a Hawk high above,

upon solar heights ablaze in glory.

Golden wings flutter in butterfly light,

a different world appears through candescent sight.

No longer the lonely Tree stands,

but is now with Brothers and Sisters holding hands.

Different shapes and colours adorn, our beautiful Mother in the dew of morn.

The eyes of Hawk raised so high, Grandfather Sun, Mother Earth and Father Sky,

Sacred Relations meet once again, over distant land it can be seen,

together as One through Golden beam.

Only through the Breath of Love,

Is the secret to our Heart,

that belongs in the Heavens above.

A Stranger so kind

As you open your eyes and welcome a new Day, may you find a stranger so kind, as you walk upon your way.

May you recieve the Smile of gentle Heart, who's Love imparts itself within your Light.... from this stranger so kind.

The Love like fire within your Soul, forever more it will stay, ablaze in glory as it dances upon the shore of Eternity.

Our Home you will find, is just a moment away, so take your time, to let your Heart unwind all the Love inside it's just waiting to find  ...   is the story from the stranger so kind.

Little Angel

My ‘Little Angel, some would say, no longer with us this dark day,

But they never left, always inside, the joy and laughter we can never hide,

Memories of a Child so pure.

Each tear that falls in their name, we bow our head but not in shame,

the love we had was never lost, as they crossed, the bridge between.

For around us now, always unseen, our Little Angel on rainbow wings,

Returns the Love to heal the pain.

With ‘sticky plaster’ they mend your heart, upon your face they draw,

The biggest smile from ear to ear, please cry no more, for I am here.

Just call my name and you might see, my rainbow wings, the love that sings in gentle breeze upon whispering trees.

The Blackbirds song to you I’ll sing. Snowflakes on Mittens and Candy Kittens.

Memories of me, there will always be,

I’m right by your side, just a thought away and here I’ll stay till the end of your day.

Forgotten Dreams

Alone again, no one to share, care or ‘get out of my hair’

I sit and wonder, as I grow older,

if I’ll ever rest on someone’s shoulder and hers on mine, as we entwine, dancing slow, holding tight, with satin Light throughout the night.

Down my ‘Path’ which can’t be seen, hidden from view, my Forgotten Dream.

Is she there, should I dare, to hope and pray that maybe one day the flame of Love should steal my heart, a tender kiss, just the start.

Lover’s hands that caress and hold, the gentle embrace of memories to be told, when we grow old.

But here I am, at the Station, changing Trains to a new direction. I’ve got the ticket but it doesn’t say, where I’m going to this day!

One Angel at the front and one at the back, they are there to keep me on track.

Stepping on board, to my surprise, I look up to see,

A thousand Angel eyes looking back at me and realise that I was never alone, nor far from ‘Home’.

Always loved by unseen Doves with Angel wings wrapped round my heart, so it won’t break,

As I lie in wait, for Love to drift by,

Upon the Sea of Forgotten Dreams.

Gaia’s Prayer

We stand before you, the Creator of all that is and call out with open Hearts, a Prayer for our beautiful Mother Gaia and all life upon this World.

Heavenly Father/Mother , hear our prayer

We ask, that the Divine presence in each and every one of us, awakens the great magnificence within .. That we should offer ourselves unto the Highest most Holy Light, in Service to our beautiful Earth called Gaia and to all of our Brothers and Sisters in our family called Humanity. To the Animal kingdom, the Crystal kingdom and all life in it’s many forms upon Gaia.

During these times of great change Father Creator, we ask that all suffering of Gaia and of all life upon Her, receive the Highest, most Holy Light, according to Our fathers Divine Plan .. we ask that all suffering, in all forms, in all places, this day, may be transmuted into a higher vibration of Light.

Heavenly Father/ Mother Creator, with great Humility, we offer ourselves to do your will, as a pure channel of your perfect Light, in service unto you, the Creator of all that is and ask that your Light is directed to where the greatest good can be received, in your most Holy name, so may it be.


Broken Arrow

With heart of fire, the dance of the Buffalo Spirit echo’s around midnight forest.

Shadows of Brothers through the eyes of others.

The Great Spirit watches silently through staring Owl as Braves call out into starry sky for food and warmth to pass them by.

The one who is ‘White’ has allowed their need.

The following day upon his Steed, a Chief leads forward to distant thunder.

A thousand hooves emerge through clouds of dust, the Earth does shudder.

But before it begins, a silent thought calls to the Soul of the Buffalo and asks that it may give its life, praising its Spirit for doing so.

When all has been done, Drums sound in celebration.

That was then, that was my dream when Wolf and man drank from the same stream.

But now my Brother, so bold and old, settles down to watch T.V.  Gold.

With Whisky as his Brother, he has lost his Mother who spoke through song of Bird, rustle of Leaves, a Cricket chirp, a flock of Geese.

Distant now and faint the sound, of Indian song, a time long gone.

All that remains from those days,

All that remains from those Braves,

Is a Broken Arrow that hangs on the wall,

To tell the story of the old ways, when the Buffalo called.


Another Day In Paradise

Dedicated to all those 9/11 left behind ©

Hot coffee, child on knee, another day for my love and me, A gentle kiss at the door, jingle of keys, in the car, Radio on, didn’t see my mom that I adore, See her tomorrow, I’m sure.

Down the highway, crowned with distant spectres, their windows glistening in the morning sun, Growing taller as the road runs on.

The street newsboy with undone laces,

Shouts out the lament of others in faraway places, falling on ears too hurried to listen, as paces around him quicken.

For it is Another day in Paradise, time to roll another dice, Squeaky shoes, expensive hues, Wait for the elevator to rattle its way upward, Doors open, hustle into space, with leather case, Jokes and tales already begun, over hot coffee and iced buns.

Switch on, program to run, things to file, meetings today, What a beautiful sight across the bay, Tap on the door, “Your meeting's at four,”

Loved ones captured in gilded frame, to busy to see them looking at me.

Tapping of keys, as my thoughts appear upon the screen, Then silence, it seems, as it waits for me to contemplate the next line ..... it's gonna be good this time!

All went well that day until hell knocked on my door, I fell to the floor, upon broken glass, The dragon's fire burns inside, must call my wife, can’t move, nowhere to hide.

In twisted web did I lay, amongst girders of steel and falling clay.

The screams and bells grow distant now,

“I love you” was the only sound, as the darkness closed around.

Except for one drawing near, “Dear Father, is it you?”

In the stillness I hear “come with me”  as he took my hand,

We rose upon celestial waves, and left this land, Upward did we rise, for another day, in paradise.


Dance of Love

As I walked with You along the foaming tide, the Sky was purple and blue, the waves were gently rolling towards the shore, you took my hands in yours and we intertwined our fingers and looked deeply into each others Souls and then that was the moment we knew we were blessed with a Divine Love , an endless eternal Flame. We melted into each other and became as One .. One beating heart ... One Place .. One time .. One moment in eternity.

As the setting Sun became at One with the Sea .. ..The night became as One with the day ...  and as each precious moment passed .. as each wave was lost into the next .. then we became lost in each others Love

You took your hands and held my face in the moonlight, the waves continued their orchestra, the Sea beckoned our name in glorious song, you looked deeply into my eyes, into my Soul, I Looked deeply into your eyes, into your Soul, no words were needed, we knew this was meant to be. Two beautiful dancing Souls, Brought together by the Universe, to Love one another, to become one heartbeat, to become one, Together on the sand beside the Sea.

My Love now lost in the wilderness .. I hear her call in the still of Night .. I feel the touch of her skin as I hold her close within ... Her perfume of enchantment plays into the night... beside me there she will always be, a timeless Love  .... a Dance .....into Eternity.


Because I said “I Love You”, it doesn’t mean it’s true,

For when I am around you, your Heart is Stone Cold Blue.

Just because we fell apart,

Just because you broke my Spirit,

Just because you were never there, It doesn’t mean that I didn’t care,

You were my Lesson to unfold, to tell the Story yet untold.

I’ve learned to Love ‘for today’, because of these words I now can say,

Because I said “I Love You”

Distant Calls

To go beyond the whisper of Life and bathe in the Divinity of my Soul,

I stand and watch as clouds go by, a Traveller, with knowing eyes wanting more than Life can hold.

For only the knowledge that you are Greater than yourself, can set you free,

A wonderful ‘Being’ of Light, Eternally.

Distant calls in my heart I hear, of a time when Angel song will call me Home again,

For I long to be near, the love I left behind.

Enigmatic Friend

Curious attachments, betrayed by a great hunger to be different,

Hidden from those who dare pry into my Mysterious ways,

But who are you my friend? .. What journey has brought you to this place, this time?

Forever changing ‘One’ , who captivates my every breathing moment.

The veil of time hides you from me, but I know you ..

I know you better than myself.

A remnant of my greater ‘Being’, yet also, a spark of all that is..

Who are you mysterious One ?

You tempt me into forbidden depths and raise me to the highest of Heights.

You judge none as you sit silently in the echo’s of myself, forever the watcher,

gazing through the windows of the Soul, into the beauty of this Creation.

The keeper of mysteries throughout all of Time,

The Keeper that was forever mine,

A mirror upon still waters, so that you may show yourself,

My reflection speaks saying, “is this what the World would see ... or am I just a mystery to me”?

Homeward Bound

An educated guess was all it took, to peek behind your closet look.

Your eyes of green, hid that unseen, the ‘might have beens’ have faded away, into Autumn hair now so grey.

The ‘Fountain of Youth’ hides within, underneath wrinkled skin. But while it remains you still dream the same, old reflections can’t change your name.

From your first breath, to the last, the little Light within, from a Power so Vast. Reaching up to the Star’s, you sense your home from afar.

But deeper still there remains, beneath the pool of Soulful gaze, an Ocean of life still to find, as you build upon that left behind.

The inner temple of Peace and Truth at the very centre of your being, moves you to a place of Love, where all is released and all is right, as Doves of White guide you back Home into Crystal Light.

In The Silence 

In the silence, prayers are answered within our Heart.

For the Creator knows everything there is about you and me.

Our strength, our fears , our Path throughout the years .. Dreams locked away within that secret place, but still our heart smiles with grace, because

Angels whisper His inner call .. for only in silence does his plan reveal.

Letting Go

To live in the moment, we must let go of the past.

To live in the moment, we must let go of the future.

Every thought directs energy – do your thoughts hold onto the past, holding you in emotional animation, re-living the same moment time after time?

Do your thoughts take you to the future, the possibilities, your hopes fears and dreams?

All of these conditions is an accepted  ‘human’ state.

For many people, living in the past and or future is what makes them in the now, they may say "well I wouldn’t be who I was unless I had accomplished these things or experienced these things."

They might also comment that it is their hopes and dreams that give them inspiration for the future and a goal in life, to some, a purpose in life.

I can understand all of these comments on why people should reflect into the past and into the future.

But that is all well and good on a purely human level, that is the Bio – engineering that we use to navigate through, live our lives here, to interact and communicate with this world.

As you know, we are all much more than just a physical being – we are an energetic being too.

We react and interact energetically with each other and the world around us.

For example: If you could see the aura of two people having an argument you could clearly see who is winning the discussion, for that would be the person whose aura is steadily getting larger at the expense of the other persons aura who would be showing a reduction and this is why the looser usually feels depleted when it is all over and the winner feels really good.

Not to worry though, because the life-force energy is readily available and you would soon get topped up.

Recently, I have been made more aware of the importance of being in the ‘now’ and going with the flow.

I had some work here at home, which I had completed during a very emotional time in  my life (wont go into detail here) – I was prompted by spirit to look at some of this work. I discovered that the energy I felt from these things no longer felt right as I  am now more down my path and more into the Light.

I decided to dispose of these items with the thought that they were a link to the past, a past time that I should now let go and as I disposed of them, I consciously dumped the situation out of my life too with affirmation to the angelic forces. . . . well , I can tell you good people that what a huge difference it has made to the energy around me and my home... wow!

The point being, that energy is as living as the physical body and is affected with every situation/person we encounter through life and every thought we make – yes every thought!

When we still hold onto maybe emotional turmoil that occurred in the past – we are STILL giving our energy to that situation because our thoughts direct energy.

So, if for example you had a huge row or great upset because of an individual, each time you reflect on that situation that happened in the past, you send your energy  into that situation or to that person – it  doesn’t matter how long ago it was. You would still be depleting yourself of energy and therefore not allowing you to step into your own true power.

Another way this can happen is if you try to make the future happen in a particular way.

This could be a lifelong dream, it could be a situation that you are not happy with for yourself or others and wish for it to be changed. In some ways this can take the form of ‘Wanting to Control’. Yes we can use this method to manifest things into our lives as we are co-creators. But when you desire, need, want a particular thing or event to happen and focus on this wish for maybe years – then that is a lot of energy directed towards something that may never happen. Because like the old saying goes “ALL Prayers are answered, but sometimes not in the way we would like, but Always for our higher good.

So we should simply ask and whatever happens will perfect for you, this moment in your life, this place in your life, with these people in your life – it may not turn out exactly as you would have thought on a human level – but on a Soul level it will always be ‘just perfect’!

It is all about ‘Soul experience and learning’, the human situation is only the expression of that learning – whatever the lesson!

It could be said that the past and future are separate to the Now moment.

In fact they are not, only we humans have the need to quantify everything against a measurement of time – time is a human need!

In the spiritual realms of existence – time is of no consequence – what is important is the moment – this moment.

So to accept that to be in ‘The moment’ is to accept also that you are also in the past/future, as well as the Now.

There is no separateness – the moment is ALL there is – there is no past – there is no future – because all they are all as ONE.

So, when we send our energy into the past or into the future, we are taking our energy away from the 'Now' moment – it affects our ability to be in the moment and to claim our true potential what we have gained over many lifetimes and realms of existence.

The potential to take back our God given Power which is rightfully yours!

Lost and Found

‘For Sale Today’ was the sign, upon the Church by the old mine.

In the ‘Valley of Song’ I don’t belong, but sad the day that we turn away from Truth and Glory each Sunday morning . . . .  another story is now dawning in the minds of those who are yawning.

Going to the shops today, shelf to put up, bills to pay.

Bingo and Beer, we cannot hear church bells ring, nor choral sing.

Only the sound of material greed fills our mind, but not our need!

Lost in this World of orderly queue’s, waiting our turn, got money to burn, nothing to lose, except a bargain or two.

But lost in the Sale, going cheap, no one would buy the ‘Church in the Sky’ and Angels weep as another Holy place loses Grace; they look on by, as it locks its doors for the last time.

. . . . . . . . . That was the Church in the Valley, by the old Mine!

Lost in Faith

Have I found all that I need, my Faith in God is strong indeed, but to look around, I do dismay, so many lost Souls within they hide, amongst their God’s of Greed and Wealth, upon Exploitation do they thrive.

Am I Lost within my faith, to blind to see, the World around me, or is it they that have forgot the beauty inside, waiting to be found come the time, they open their eyes to the Truth that cannot be denied.

My God, I pray for them this day, may they find your Light as I have done, your Love to fill their empty hearts, to turn away from all false God’s.  To know you as I do and Love you with each breath of Life, that you first gave, when I came to the cradle from the grave.

Father, dear Father, I also ask, for those behind religious mask, of being good and a love for you, yet walk past the Beggar with cold blood of blue. Listening with righteous ears and golden smiles they do cheer, a faith in you they have cried, to hide the heart of stone inside.

For your spoken word can only guide those that listen, no longer blind to choirs of Angels in morning dew, rainbow bridges upon babbling brooks, the good Samaritan, with words so kind, seeds of life upon whispering wind, the arms of a Mother around her child entwined.  In all of these things I think you will find, that we are all and just a part, of all there is and ever was.

So, Lost in Faith I’m happy to be, this Life has more beauty now you see. With open eyes and heart filled with Love,

I owe it all, to God above.


Love is a feather, drifting in the wind, never knowing how far or how high it will go.

It has the power to build or destroy, but is the constant in our World upon which all is created.

The source of our very existence.

From the beginning, to eternity, it will remain.

It is within and without condition.

To lose Love, is the thorned Crown crying tears of blood from the broken heart.

To have never Loved, or been Loved, is like standing in the Desert.  No matter what direction you take, your Journey is lonely and without colour.

But when Love is from within, then all around becomes a reflection of that Love, shining back at our Soul.

For the beauty of the Flower cannot be seen in the darkness, only in the ‘Light’ can it’s petals unfold to reveal it’s majesty and essence.

Only then will it shine out from the barren pasture.

So, when all seems lost and we carry the crucifix upon our ‘Path’, remember, when we bathe in the ‘Light’ of the True Eternal Love, then our inner beauty will pierce the darkness.

The withered petals will shout out their glory and our ‘essence’ will be at one with all that is.

Misty Glen

Long gone fields of corn, bluebirds, cricket, warm summer sun.

With a nip in the wind, winter’s journey has begun.

Mist-filled glens roll across still waters, reflections of treetops with golden auras.

Long shadows cast, the squirrel at last, gathering bounty from Heaven.

Nature’s banquet lies before him, served upon a rustic bed of orange and red.

Babbling brook with golden boats, trickles through stones of green.

Birds flying high, as one in the sky, point their way to a far-off land.

The woodland path hidden from view, a rustle and crack underfoot

Echoes through sleepy trees, as watchful eyes look at you.

The stag peers through chilled breath at quarrelsome crows.

A fox tail flashes after scurrying rabbits.

Across the valley, the old log cabin, a welcome light with

Crackling firewood, roast chestnuts and stew.

Silver smoke rising through moonbeams, scribing messages to the stars.

All becomes still as the cloak of darkness falls around, until, yet another day is found.


People of the World Unite, as we stir the Passion within,

Let us not scorn, accuse or fight, let us start to begin,

Although we can’t replace that which is destroyed,

Nor remove that which is undone,

We can Praise our Mother and send her Love.

For without her, what would I become.

She gave me Life one more time, to share her Beauty, to Dance her Tune,

to sing her Song in the Morning Bloom.

Like a grain of Sand in a Desert Storm,

Like a Teardrop into an Ocean born, or Poppy seed that falls to the ground,

All of Creation, because of She, within me I have found.


Life is like a raindrop within a Mountain Stream, washing over the rocks of Life .. we travel over different rocks as we journey down the Mountain .. but it is always the same water.

We join other raindrops in the stream, as we journey home and as 'One', we become life itself ..... life for all Life .... and life for our Mother Gaia.

Some of the Rocks may be sharp and jagged, but as we flow over them, they give themselves unto the flow of Life, becoming smooth and rounded.

There may be large Boulders in our way who refuse to give and stand against all that is .... we flow around them, they may change our direction for a moment, but then we continue on our Journey in the knowledge that one day, after many years of raindrops have passed upon them they will eventually give unto the flow of Life.

As we flow along we give life to all that we reach out to.

Flowers bloom; the insects and animals flourish and the earth becomes rich around us

Even though we forget it sometimes, we will always be the beauty of that raindrop falling from the Heavens through rainbow light, until one sunny day when we are called again to become the messengers in the sky, travelling across the Land, then falling again through rainbows, upon another mountain, to become another Stream......another place ...... another time.....

But we will always be that beautiful raindrop.

The Flower Within

The rhyme in time begins again, but not in vain.

For the scent of one beautiful flower, is lost within a sea of rose perfume, yet still holds its own beauty, when in full bloom.

Your Castle gate won’t wait to long, for the song of life to enter beyond all within to begin, the journey that was stopped only to find, without rest our best to be kind, falls upon those behind,  as our path lights the way, for those that follow  your footsteps this day.

So, I write these words with heart so Light and wish tonight, that as you reflect within the story of Today in your own sweet way . . that you’ll find within your bouquet, a single Rose in full bloom, so perfect and laced with dew, to tell of the moment ... I thought of you.

So share the Light, of Flower so bright and beauty behold, within this world of friends yet untold. So they know that you care because you dared open your heart, as you share the story of the Rose and the Love that grows, like a flower within your Soul.

The Reality of Illusion

Be still dear one, be still within,

Stop that moment before it begin,

The ‘tick’ without ‘tock’ upon the Clock.

As you see behind the veil of time, ‘looking glass’ pictures flash in line.

From the locked cupboard of Illusion, ancient keys of revelation, opens the arc of confusion.

For what is Reality if not for Illusion?

We dream within another world, full of stories yet untold.

Yet as I wake, there must be some mistake, for this is the dream from which I long to escape.

To return Home, back to the lands of my Father.

Where I can fly above the Sky, or swim great Oceans, at the ‘blink of an eye’

The sweetest love upon my arm, as Elves and Unicorns charm rainbows of Childrens laughter, across Candy Sky .......  and you ask me why, the cloaked Illusion should hide such a Beautiful place from my eye?

I tell you dear Child .........

Only the Dreamer, knowing a Dream,

can awake the God within ......... it would seem!

The Song of Love

When the beauty within, becomes the beauty around, time and space ... no longer bound.

Majestic Embrace of the Light we have found.

A memory of Home ... a long lost sound .. the beat of Angel wings to carry my Soul, back to where I belong, in my Creators arms to hear again the song of Love.

Only in the presence of Peace .. will the busy Mind cease .. time to find a story to tell.. of the return to yourself close your eyes.... that you might see.

Old England

A candle lit face, peers through the smoky haze of Old England.

Charcoal skin and cheeky grin “want your chimney swept again Master Jim?” said him, Flat cap tipped high, “well” said I with a wishful sigh “be here at 9 tomorrow with Brush and barrow, that will be fine”.

As I look down the cobbled road before me, I see gold Crested Doors upon Carriage and Horse, steaming Stallions with wild eyes, brass medallions on their side.

I notice a familiar sight and tip my hat to the right, “Good day miss Roberts” she acknowledges with blushed cheek and a coy look to her feet.  With quickened pace her rustled lace, disappears within a trace, of muffled girlish laughter. 

Memories of the time she captured my Heart, when her eyes of Green flashed across crowded floor, to the Ballroom door where I stood. In that moment, that joyous time, when her eyes met mine, the music stopped as my beating heart took the lead. The swell of Love played its tune across the room, as we danced each other’s dreams.

A tug on my Coat brought me back to the Street of Beggar Boy with upturned cap, held out in hope, that his return home could help his Sister.  Where she lay clutching a dirty china Doll, her skin all blistered. Mother and Father gone by plague, he was all she had, so I placed a sixpence in his Cap.

I open the Door to ‘Barber Joe’s’, doorbell sounds as I look around to see if there is anyone I know. My Hat and Coat take their place and I take my seat with eloquent grace. The ‘mirrored face’ before me speaks “nice to see you Master Jim, won’t be long “as the client moustache with wax he tweaks. With a Toreador swing the cape flies round, leaving hair upon the ground, “that will be one and six” he says with a grin, handing Coat and Hat to the gentleman.

  “Right Master Jim, sit yourself down, hasn’t it gone cool, what’s it to be today”? He says “Oh the usual” I nod as I take my place.  He stands behind and tips me back and I find myself hugged within leather  chair of  black.  Towels in place he proceeds to put cloth upon my face which is steaming hot.  In the background I hear Blade upon Leather slide, a Horsehair Brush stirs the water and bristles do their work of making Lather.

The Towels he takes from my face and foaming brush without any rush swirls around whiskers until such time I disappear behind a mask, then he takes his Blade and starts the task. With purpose and grace removing foam from my face, steaming Towel to finish off. A splash of Cologne that burns the skin, a moment later and its cool again. He tips me up so I might see his skilful blade restored the ‘old me’.

Hat and coat across my arm, I thank him then place them on, walking out the door, onto the street where I stood once more.

Big Ben sounds upon the hour, across the City, Men in Bowlers tug on chain revealing golden disc from waistcoat pockets and with a flick of the wrist the lid springs open to confirm that the chime, is indeed the correct time

Policeman’s whistle startles me, as I look around to see, truncheon raised and voice aloud, “Stop that man “ he shouts to the crowd.  In fact from what I could see, from across the Square, it was a Boy so young, almost a Child that stole some bread from the Baker there.  I wished him well in his escape for no money could he make.

Then reaching once more railings ornate and white and steps before me just one flight , that lead to the door of my Home where I enter, but not before looking behind, with Love and respect I think you will find, the City of splendour will forever shine in my heart, for this place, in Old England I will never depart.