Private Healing Session


I am what is called  a Natural Healing Channel, that is having a Natural, innate ability, to channel Healing energy.

This I have been aware of from a small child.

Registered with 'The Healing Trust' (formally the NFSH) as a full Healer Member with nearly 20 years experience as a Complementary Therapist, I am Insured and able to give a Healing session to the general pubic.

I am an experienced Healing Channel and have been trained by an organisation what was formally called the NFSH.

(National Federation of Spiritual Healers) ... This organisation is now called 'The Healing Trust' and is Internationally renouned as a world leading organisation in this area of Complementary Therapy.


There are two  types of Healing I can provide,  Spiritual Healing and REIKI (Usui),

Both are  non-religious and are not the same as what is known as  Faith Healing.

It is called 'Spiritual' to reflect the 'source ' of the Healing energy and is no way faith based nor aligned to any religion.

The Healing session will involve me (and my guides/angels) working upon your energy centres and Aura to clear any negativity or blockages that may impede the natural flow of Lifeforce energy that we all need for our physical health.

For generally, it can be said that an imbalance or blockage within the energetic system around you, will ultimately result in a Physical condition which is related to that area  previously affected energetically .

So it can be said that most physical problems have their origin within the energetic system long before they manifest into physical dis-ease.

The aim of the Healer is to restore the energetic balance and natural flow of energy, by removing Negative energy or clearing Blockages and thus enabling the physical body to repair itself. The natural 'default' of the body is to be healthy, so once the energetic blockage has been removed, then it will start the process of repair and regaining of good 'Physical' health.

The same process as Accupuncture except you don't have to have the needles.

There can be no guarantee's with any Complementary Therapy as to a successful outcome  ... for any responsible Therapist should make this clear to you,    but of the many Healings that I have been blessed to be a  Channel for, most people report that Healing has helped them in some way .. each person is different .. each healing is different .. and sometimes Miricles do happen.

A typical Spiritual Healing Session will involve a short discussion on the reason for the Healing request.

Then into the session itself, starting with hands on your shoulders and finishing with my hands on your shoulders.

Mid way through the session I will also place my hands on your feet.

Apart from these times of gentle touch, the rest of the session will involve me having my hands maybe about 6"  (15/20 cm) away from your body around different areas of your body.

It is the same for REIKI Healing session except that with this type of healing the hands are gently placed, in a dscreet way upon you, with your agreement, in pre-determined REIKI Hand positions.

So to sum up the differences between the type different types of Healing, we could simply say that Spiritual Healing is generally done with hands off the body working on your  Aura and Chakra (energy) centres and REIKI Healing generally consists of placing the hands upon the body in pre-determined REIKI hand positions.

For both types of Healing .. I am simply the channel for the healing energy and this is done in a quiet meditative way .. there is no chanting bells or whistles!!  lol

Neither is there any manipulation or massage involved.

I each case I will only ever continue in a way that you are completely comfortable with and in agreement to.


If I am requested to give Healing to a female, it is usual for me to request that another person be present during the session.

The  geographical area I cover would be no more than around 20 miles from Mold, North Wales.

(Liverpool is not included in the area I cover ) although in very special circumstances I may travel a little further.

The Initial Healing Session which includes  Consultation, generally takes around 1 1/2 hours.

Susequesnt Healing sessions will generally be slightly shorter in time depending on the work required within the  session itself.

The Cost per Session is £30  ....    plus reasonable fuel charges for distances greater than 10 miles from here .

Concessions are available.

It is usual that after only  a few sessions, you may notice a  benefit on some level and it is expected that generally there will be  no futher Healing sessions needed than after a maximum of say 4/5 sessions

(exceptional circumstances may allow for more sessions with your agreement and also I withhold the right to cease providing sessions at any time)

If you are interested in receiving a Healing Session, then please do call or mail me (see contact section for details)

Forever In Light


Below are Accreditations for the completion of training  for  both REIKI and Spiritual Healing