About Me


Hi, my name is Chris and a warm welcome to you my friend.

At this time, I live in Beautiful North Wales.

For nearly 20 years now I have been Spiritually awake, that is, consciously aware of my chosen Path through this lifetime.

It could be said that in actual fact, I have been a Spiritual person for the whole of my lifetime, for even as a child I was aware of Healing Energy and the existence of Life .... after Life.

Many who walk the Spiritual Path will very often  tell you, that they have  felt deep inside for as long as they can remember, a feeling of ' they are here for a reason'. This is also true of myself.

As I now grow older and look back through my life, I can see how, from small begginings, to what I have learned so far, that along the way I have been supported and guided with the greatest of Love, by my Angels, Guides and Teachers.

I am Blessed to be  a Healing Channel, Clairsentient and Empath.

More recently, I have gained experience in  leading classes in Meditation and within the group there is a  sharing and evolving  as we support, learn and  share experiences to enable each person to help raise each other higher, as well as themselves.

Also, I write Poetry and Spiritual writing and have dedicated a section of this website to share with you my friends, that which has been shared to me from my Angels and Guides.

Spirituality, is my  passion in life, my reason for being and through that passion, I Love to help others discover their true self .. that which has remained hidden within them for all these years.

It is truly amazing to see someone become empowered, when before they felt helpless.

To help them realise the true potential that lies behind them through Love and Light.

For we all are Amazing Beings of Beautiful Light, but so many are caught up in this earthly illusion, that they have forgotten all that they truly are and instead choose to focus  on being at the mercy of events around them .. even a feeling of helplessness in some cases. But looking at Life through different eyes, in a more Spiritual way, then they start to realise that behind all things is a reason and an opportunity for growth even through what we would sometimes call 'negative situations'

Many of my greatest lessons in the early days upon my Path, have been from people, who I would now call Teachers, but at that time I probably would have only seen them as aggressive or negative.

It is through this empowerment and opportunity to grow as a person and as a Soul, that we are able to raise our level of consciousness to a higher Light. To become more at one with our 'greater self'.

So welcome to my words  upon these pages and my prayer is that in some small way, I can serve to help you   draw closer to discovering your true beautiful inner self.

In Love and Light always